About Muddy Boots CSA

In our 11th year, Muddy Boots CSA is a staple in the Mad River Valley community feeding over 225 families each year.  We have been at this long enough to know how to keep our members happy with the perfect balance between weekly staple veggies and periodic surprises that introduce our members to new and different veggies. The benefit of our model is that we bring together several farmers, each with different growing environments and farming capabilities to provide a well-rounded weekly share that works well for both our members and our growers.

As a team, our farmers steward over 50 acres of field crops and 1 acre under the controlled environment of high tunnels and/or greenhouses. If one farmer loses a crop, another can step in to fill the larder.  If one farm falls victim to a micro burst of torrential rainfall, another will most likely be spared. Given the predictably unpredictable nature of climate & farming which we have necessarily come to expect, this seems a most practical model for safeguarding the customer’s investment in a CSA. It also allows each farmer to focus on what they do best and what their soils & environment are most suited to grow.

Meet Our Team

Pick-ups are weekly at Cloud Water Farm in Warren starting in mid-June and running through the Fall.