About Muddy Boots CSA

Muddy Boots CSA is a collaborative effort between three certified organic Vermont farms:  Kingsbury Market Garden in Warren, Burnt Rock Farm in Huntington and Wood’s Market Garden in Brandon.  The CSA pick-up site is at Kingsbury Market Garden on Route 100 in Warren.

The Farmers are John Satz of Wood’s Market Garden, Justin Rich of Burnt Rock Farm and Aaron Locker and Tonya Howell of Kingsbury Market Garden.

Rounding out the team are Robin McDermott and Courtney Satz.  Robin communicates with members throughout the year and Courtney sends out the weekly newsletter throughout the season.

As a team, these three farmers steward over 50 acres of field crops and 1 acre under the controlled environment of high tunnels and/or greenhouses. If one farmer loses a crop, another can step in to fill the larder.  If one farm falls victim to a micro burst of torrential rainfall, another will most likely be spared. Given the predictably unpredictable nature of climate & farming which we have necessarily come to expect, this seems a most practical model for safeguarding the customer’s investment in a CSA. It also allows each farmer to focus on what they do best and what their soils & environment are most suited to grow.

Wood’s Market Garden, Brandon, VT: Jon Satz and his wife Courtney and their boys Emmett and Ezra.


Burnt Rock Farm, Huntington, VT: Justin Rich and his wife Lindsey and children Elias and Mae.


Kingsbury Market Garden, Warren, VT: Aaron Locker and Tonya  Howell.