2020 Member Orientation

How Pick-Up Will Work in 2020

Pick-Up in a Nutshell

  • When: Wednesdays, noon to 6:30pm (High-risk period is 2pm to 3pm); please do not arrive early as the pick-up area will still be getting set-up.
  • Where: Kingsbury Farm, Route 100, Warren VT
  • What to Bring: A bag or box for your produce, plastic bags for your salad greens, cash if you wish to purchase items from our extras table.
  • How long will it take: 5 to 10 minutes
  • MUSTS: You must wear a mask and use the provided hand sanitizer before you enter the washhouse.

IMPORTANT Covid-19 Rules for 2020

If you have been to the Farmers’ Market, you will be familiar with the basic rules which are along the lines of what we will be following:

  • Members and employees must wear a mask in the washhouse where we pick-up the veggies. If a line forms, please wear a mask in the line as well and social distance the standard 6 feet.
  • You must clean your hands with the provided sanitizer before entering the washhouse.
  • Follow the traffic flow entering into the washhouse through the normal door in the middle of the building and exit through the garage door at the north end of the building closest to Mac’s.
  • Only 4 to 5 members will be allowed in the washhouse at a time. There will be four vegetable stations separated by a comfortable 6 feet. Go to each station in order and don’t move onto the next station until the person ahead of you has moved away from it. There will be a fifth station with additional produce for people with large shares. If you have added on a Bouquet, they will be in a bucket as you are leaving the washhouse.
  • We will have a high-risk hour from 2pm to 3pm for people who need or want extra protection. During the high-risk hour only 2 to 3 people may be in the washhouse at the same time.
  • If you have concerns about this process, we can pack your share up for you so that you can stop in and pick it up quickly to minimize exposure. Please contact Robin to work out arrangements.

Additional Pick-Up Guidelines

  • Please follow all signage in the pick-up area. Our goal is to make everything clear and easy to follow.
  • Please only 1 member per family in the washhouse unless you have small children who can’t be left alone.
  • The list of members with the share sizes and if they have also elected the weekly bouquet option will be posted on the wall when you enter the washhouse. Members will NOT check their names off the list as we have done in the past. The all-important check-off sheet is no longer important!
  • We will try to minimize the need for weighing veggies as much as possible and we have invested in old fashioned dial scales that should be easier to read and more reliable than the electronic scales we have used in the past. Loose salad greens will be pre-bagged.
  • We need to have a “you touch, you take policy.” Look in the veggie bin, decide which one or ones you want and grab them avoiding touching the other veggies – as you now do in the grocery store veggie aisle.
  • Our pick-up coordinator will do her best to make sure that the bins are kept well-stocked throughout the day.
  • We will not be posting the share list on the large blackboard since we plan to have excellent signage right at each table.
  • If you cannot pick up your share during the pick-up hours, we will still offer the Share Hold service as we have had in past years. Details on this service are available on our website. If you pick up a share after hours, we ask that you follow the same safety protocol when entering the washhouse; please wear a mask and use hand sanitizer.

When you arrive at the farm, drive all the way into the main parking area. Be careful – because cars will be coming and going all day during pick-ups. Please enter and exit as shown below. If you have asked for us to prepack your share, go around to the north side of the building and pick it up in the side door to the washhouse.

The Trade Box: TEMPORARILY SUSPENDED – We hope to be able to start it up once the pick-ups are running smoothly.

  • If you take something you don’t like, you can TRADE it in at the TRADE BOX which will be at the end of the semi-circle, before the items for Large Shareholders only. The farmers send along some extras of all of the items each week to “seed” the trade box. Then, throughout the day, members can trade-in items they don’t want for items they find in the box.
  • Consider each item listed in the share as one unit so be sure to swap one unit for one unit. Sometimes you come out ahead and sometimes a little behind in terms of value, but the idea is to get more of what you like. The trade box is not ideal. Sometimes at the end of the day it is filled with many of the same type of veggie, but other times you may get lucky and find a pint of cherry tomatoes or a melon in the box.
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