2022 Member Orientation

Behind the Scenes at Muddy Boots

We are providing this look behind the scenes so that you can have a better understanding of how shares are assembled, why you might not get what we listed in the share newsletter and what it takes to make Muddy Boots CSA hum.

The Weekend Before

During the CSA season, planning for the coming week starts the weekend before pick-up. That is when the farmers begin planning out the share for the coming Wednesday.

Despite copious and detailed planning at the beginning of the season, the weather has the final say in what is ripening up when. So our farmers discuss what is at peak and ready for picking the coming week. They also talk about what items might work well together in the share (for example chili’s, tomatillos, onions and cilantro for a southwestern twist one week).

Justin at Burnt Rock Farm is the mastermind for the shares. He keeps a detailed spreadsheet that tracks the value of each item each week and also keeps a running total from week to week. This is what helps assure that the CSA is a win-win for our members and the farmers. Once Justin decides on the tentative large and small share he forwards the information onto Robin who starts working on the weekly newsletter.

What’s a Tentative Share??

Until the veggies are harvested on Tuesday, Justin doesn’t know exactly what will be in the share. There have been times that cucumbers planned for the week ended up disintegrating on the vines due to multiple days of rain. In other cases, conditions have been perfect for a bumper crop of early corn and members find it in the share even though it wasn’t listed in the newsletter.

Early Tuesday Morning

Each Tuesday morning members receive the weekly email newsletter. The newsletter includes a listing of what the tentative share is, an update on what is happening in their fields and recipes and storage tips.

Wednesday Morning is like Grand Central Station

Wednesday mornings are very busy at the farm with trucks from our farmers coming and going. In between deliveries, the pick-up coordinator is hustling to get the pick-up area ready for our first members who will be arriving at noon to get their shares.

Because of this organized chaos, we are unable to have people come in early to get their shares. In some cases, if a farmer is running late, we may not even have all of the items until just before pick-up officially starts! Please do not come to the farm early to pick-up your veggies.

Wednesday During Pick-Up

Pick-Up is Noon to 6:00pm. We tend to get a rush of members between noon and 1pm and then a steady stream throughout the rest of the day. Traffic really slows down after 5pm and this is why we close down the CSA at 6:00pm.

Wednesday at 6:00pm

It has been a LONG day! At this point the pick-up coordinator has to put away any remaining produce, pack-up any requests for shares to be held and clean the pick-up area.

Unclaimed produce will be packed for pick-up by Community Harvest of Central Vermont, an organization that gleans excess produce from CSAs and market growers and donates it to food shelves, senior centers and schools. If you forget to pick-up your share or are unable to pick it up one week, it will not go to waste because Community Harvest will make sure it gets to where it is most needed!

Thursday Morning

The farm is humming again with important farm work. If you requested your share to be packed and held, it will be in the grab and go cooler at the back of the pick-up area. There is no need to find someone to help you get the share. Your share will be in a bag marked with your name.

If you forgot to pick-up your share on Wednesday, you can stop by the farm and pick up one of the extra shares we packed up on Wednesday. We are only packing up a few extra shares so it will be first-come, first-served. Please DO NOT take a bag with someone’s name on it.

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