2022 Member Orientation

Five Timers

If this is your fifth Season with Muddy Boots CSA, then congratulations! You are officially a Five Timer!

What’s a Five Timer?

If you follow Saturday Night Live, you probably have heard of the “Five Timers” club that hosts join the fifth time they headline the show. Check out this fun SNL skit of a very young Tom Hanks receiving his 5 time robe in 1990.

In our fifth season for Muddy Boots we decided to start our own Five Timers club to thank our loyal members who have been with us for at least five years. Instead of a jacket like they give Five Timers on Saturday Night Live, we thought that a special tote bag would be more appropriate for Muddy Boots Five Timers.

For those of you who have been with us for less than five years, you too will be welcomed into the “club” with the special Five Timers Tote Bag in your fifth year as a member.

How Five Timers Get Their Bags

We will have bags available for Five Timers during the first several weeks of the CSA. Look for the bags in a box when you first enter the pick-up area. Your name will be on a list in the box. If not, please contact Robin and she will confirm that you are in your 5th season and get you a bag.

Our plan is one bag per account since typically the account is a family, but if you share your membership with a friend, we are happy to give you both a tote bag when you join the Five Timers Club.

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