2022 Member Orientation

How Pick-Up Will Work in 2022

Pick-Up in a Nutshell

  • When: Wednesdays, noon to 6:00pm; please do not arrive early as the pick-up area will still be getting set-up.
  • Where: Cloud Water Farm, Route 100, Warren VT.
  • What to Bring: A bag or box for your produce, cash/credit card/check if you wish to purchase items from our extras table/cooler/freezer.
  • How long will it take: 5 to 10 minutes

Covid-19 Update for 2022

For many, it feels like Covid is a thing of the past. But, for vulnerable members who have weakened immune systems, protecting themselves from Covid is still something they need to worry about everyday.  Then there are also all of those beautiful little ones who aren’t yet eligible for vaccinations.  All of this is to say that we need to be respectful of others during pick-up.  Please wait for the table ahead of you to be empty before advancing forward to the next table.  If you are chatting with someone (we love it when people bump into friends on pick-up day!), please step aside and let people behind you continue advancing through the tables.

If you have concerns about your exposure during pick-up, we can pre-pack your share and have it ready for you. Please contact Robin about how that option will work.

Pick-Up Guidelines

  • Our pick-up area.  Our pick-up space is in the open-air, covered space to the right of the washhouse. This space worked great last year and we loved the vibe of an open-air outdoor market similar to a farmer’s market.

  • Bring a bag or box for your share. We DO NOT provide bags for your veggies. Please bring a reusable bag with you each week to collect your veggies. If you forget your bag, you can purchase one from us for 50 cents each.
  • Sign-in before getting your veggies. The list of members with the share sizes and if they have also elected the weekly bouquet or egg-add-on options will be at the sign-in table at the front of the pick-up area. Once signed in, if no one is at the first table of veggies, move to it and start filling your bag following the instructions on the veggie signs.  Wait to move to the next table until the person in front of you has moved to their next table.
  • Sometimes you may need to weigh out your veggies. If so, scales will be available.
  • If you cannot pick up your share during the pick-up hours, we offer a Share Hold service as we have had in past years.

When you arrive at the farm, drive all the way into the main parking area. Be careful – because cars will be coming and going all day during pick-ups. Please enter and exit as shown below.

The Trade Box

  • If the week’s share includes something you don’t like, you can TRADE it in at the TRADE BOX which will be at the end of the veggies before you exit the pick-up area. At the beginning of each pick-up we “seed” the trade box. Then, throughout the day, members can trade-in items they don’t want for items they find in the box.
  • Consider each item listed in the share as one unit so be sure to swap one unit for one unit. Sometimes you come out ahead and sometimes a little behind in terms of value, but the idea is to get more of what you like.
  • The trade box is not ideal. Sometimes at the end of the day it is filled with many of the same type of veggie, but other times you may get lucky and find a pint of cherry tomatoes or a melon in the box.

Extra Produce and Items for Sale

Vermont Bean Crafters will again be offering dried beans, frozen falafel and veggie burgers and perhaps some other items for sale. Payment for these items can be made with Cash or by Credit Card using our self-checkout system.

We still will also offer bulk sales from time to time throughout the season.  We notify you about these sales by email and you need to place your order in advance. These are typically pop-up sales with very short notice! And, often we have limited supply so order early!

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