Local Eggs Add-On from Kenyon’s

We are really egg-cited to offer Kenyon’s Eggs as an add-on this year! Last spring the Kenyon’s added the necessary infrastructure to ramp up their egg production and now they can work with businesses like our CSA and get their delicious eggs to many more Mad River Valley families.

With this add-on you will receive a dozen eggs each week.  As we are all trying to stretch our food dollars further in these inflationary times, eggs are one of the best and the least expensive proteins you can buy and feed your family. And, they are so versatile! Keep hardboiled eggs handy in your fridge for a quick and healthy afternoon snack. Quickly scramble a couple of eggs for breakfast and server with toast to keep yourself fueled and full until lunch. And, how about all of the quick dinners you can make with eggs.  Poached eggs on a pan browned vegetable hash, Kimchi fried rice topped with a fried egg, quiche, a frittata, heuvos rancheros, shakshuka.  Eggs are a perfect way to make a meal with some of the veggies you get each week and you can easily feed a family of four for $15 or less! We will help you get creative with at least one egg-cellent egg recipe each week in our newsletter.

But, let us tell you what makes these eggs so great! Alison Martino and her daughter, Brooke Kenyon are the chief caretakers of the egg-laying operations. The hens are given high-quality feed and are free to come and go from the hen house to the chicken yard where they forage for insects and worms when the ground isn’t covered in snow.  These girls live a pretty good life and once mature reward their fans with generous-sized eggs with rich golden-orange yolks. Every once in a while you will even get a double-yolker!


One of the chickens favorite meals is salad! Thanks to a relationship between the Kenyon’s Egg operation and Green Mountain Hydroponics (right down the road), the girls get their fill of lettuce, watercress, and basil on a regular basis. Clearly they love it!


Add-On Egg Share Pricing

How to Order

Just select the Weekly Dozen add-on when you sign-up for your Muddy Boots CSA share.