2017 CSA

Muddy Boots surpassed our wildest dreams in every respect! I would highly recommend it to anyone. Thanks to all involved. 

Laura Brines, Waitsfield

CSA at a Glance

  • Our 2017 CSA Season starts on June 14 and runs for 23 weeks through November 15.
  • There are two share periods – Summer and Fall.  You can sign up for the full season or just for the summer or just for the fall.
  • Two Share Options – Small or Large Shares
  • All Certified Organic Produce from three central Vermont farms.
  • Pick-Up Wednesdays at Kingsbury Farm, Warren, VT 12 noon to 6:30pm

Share Periods

  • Summer Share:  June 14 to August 30 (12 weeks)
  • Fall Share:  September 6 to November 15 (11 weeks)

Two Share Options*

  • Small Share – Typically includes a half pound of salad greens/spinach and a selection of hard and soft herbs most of the season plus the featured vegetables and fruit of the week.  Who Should Get This Share:  Great for small families or folks who have a home garden and/or also like to go to the farmers’ market on the weekend.
  • Large Share – Typically includes a pound of salad greens/spinach and a selection of hard and soft herbs for most of the season plus the featured vegetables and fruit of the week.  Who Should Get This Share:  Great for vegetarian/vegan couples or families.


Loved supporting a local CSA and getting fresh organic produce for my family and friends. Staff was friendly and helpful and pick up easy. Pricing was very reasonable. I highly recommend Muddy Boots!

Jean Sharry, Warren and Boston

Being able to enjoy and support the resources of some of the best farmers in Vermont is a privilege. Nothing compares to the experience of not only watching food being grown but direct contact with the folks that are devoting their lives to supplying this community with wonderful products.

Carolynn Schipa, Warren

Important Consideration When Choosing Share Option

Sometimes the Large shares get more of certain items and sometimes the Large shares get items that the Small shares do not get.  There are a couple of reasons for this:

  • Sometimes the farmers only have enough of the item to provide them to the Large shares.
  • In other cases, the item may be valued at a price higher than the allowance for the Small share.  For example, during one week last year, the Large shares all received a watermelon.  Because of it’s relatively high value, it wasn’t practical to give the Small shares a watermelon or the rest of the share would have seemed skimpy.


Quality and Variety

In 2016 Muddy Boots members received over 60 different types of produce.  Our farmers are growing for this CSA; they have developed a thoughtful planting and harvest plan with the shareholders in mind.  You are not getting stuck with what isn’t selling elsewhere.

  • Greens and herbs are washed and ready to use.
  • Other vegetables are cleaned if it doesn’t bruise them or affect their shelf-life.
  • Tomatoes are never refrigerated.
  • Most crops are harvested early in the day to keep them fresh.
  • Most veggies will last much longer than you are used to with supermarket produce.

2016 Veggies/Fruit

Here is a list of the veggies and fruit members received in their shares in 2016 – over 60 different types!  In 2016 members can expect more variety and choice.

Examples of Shares

Here are examples of shares from past seasons.

What Makes Muddy Boots Different?

  • Three farmer collaborative reduces your risk of one farmer having a “bad year.”
  • All three farms are Certified Organic.
  • Weekly newsletter with recipes and tips for using items in the share.
  • Additional items (salad greens, potatoes, carrots, etc.) will be on sale at great prices.
  • You won’t be stuck with a LOT of the same vegetables – there is plenty of variety.

A friend visited who does a CSA in Rhode Island and she could not believe the variety and quality we have!

Shannon Gilligan, Warren

Muddy Boots CSA Member Benefits

When you join Muddy Boots CSA you become a member and members have benefits throughout the season:

  • Purchase additional produce at great prices on pick-up day.
  • Bulk and stock-up sales throughout the season – strawberry flats in June, pickling cukes and green beans mid summer and storage crops in the fall.
  • Weekly newsletter sent on Tuesdays with updates from our farmers and recipes and tips on how to get the most from your share.
  • Optional pick-up day reminder email and reminder text service.
  • A Trade Box where members can trade with other members items they don’t want for items they do want.
  • Share holding service – fill out the on-line form before 6pm on pick-up day and we will set aside your share for pick-up the next day.