2024 CSA Pricing

Muddy Boots CSA Regular Pricing
*In the spirit of Community Supported Agriculture, to secure their share, members pay for the full season in advance when they sign up. However, we offer a Budget Plan if it is helpful to spread the payments out. Learn more under Payment Options.

Payment Options

This is our preferred payment option. It embraces the spirit of a CSA where farmers are paid in the beginning of the season and this enables them, at a time when cashflow is at a mere trickle, to ramp up for the season purchasing necessary seeds, soil amendments and other supplies. The benefit of paying by check is that the full amount that you write your check for goes to the farmers. If you pay by check, you can also take advantage of our Budget Plan.

If it helps to spread your payments out over a period of time, no problem!  We try to keep this flexible so it works for everyone and is also fair to the farmers. If you are unclear of how it works, just give Robin a call (496-3567) or email her with your questions.

Here is how our Budget Plan works:

Send ALL checks at once, post-dated on the days you wish they be deposited – please always use a FRIDAY as that is the day the Budget Payment checks will be deposited. PLEASE write the check clearly so that they can be mobile deposited. If mobile deposit rejects them, there will be a delay in getting deposited because I have to deposit them when I have other errands to run in Burlington or Montpelier.

If you have signed up for the FULL SEASON you may send up to EIGHT post-dated payment checks. Please be sure you are paid in full by September 1, 2024.

If you have signed up for just the SUMMER OR FALL PERIOD you may send up to FOUR post-dated payment checks. Please be sure you are paid in full by August 1, 2024 for the summer or October 1, 2024 for the fall.

Credit cards are convenient and easy, but they come with additional costs to the farmers. For every $1,000 we receive in CSA payments through credit cards, almost $30 of it actually goes toward processing fees. That is money you are paying that is not going to the farmers. We know that it is important to some of our members that you can pay for the season using your credit card, but encourage you to pay by check if you are able.

We also accept Venmo. While we incur processing fees with Venmo, they are lower than credit card processing fees.

Where to send checks:

Please do not drop off cash or checks at Cloud Water Farm.  Please send your checks to: Muddy Boots CSA, PO Box 449, Waitsfield, VT   05673

NOFA Vermont

Need help paying for your share?

NOFA Farm Share Program can help!

NOFA-VT’s (Northeast Organic Farming Association of Vermont’s) Farm Share Program reduces the cost of a local CSA (community supported agriculture) share for Vermonters in need of financial assistance. In past years we have supported up to two families each summer and fall.  In 2023 we supported 8 Farm Share families thanks to generous donations from our members.

In a nutshell, if you meet the income eligibility requirements you can apply to NOFA-VT. They administer the program and handle the application process.  If you meet their requirements and we have money in our farm share fund to cover your share, you will pay half price for your CSA share. Then 25% is paid for through NOFA-VT funds and we cover the other 25% through our fundraising efforts.  Here is more info and a link to the application.

Helpful Farm Share Tips

  • Limited funds are available from NOFA-VT so apply early if you are interested and meet the requirements. Applications for the summer must be into NOFA by March 31st.
  • If you plan to join Muddy Boots CSA for the full season, apply for the Full Season with your Farm Share Application. Otherwise, there is a chance they will not have funding to support a fall share for you.

How to Make a Donation to the Muddy Boots CSA Farm Share Fund

You can help your neighbors access healthy, local, organic food by contributing to the Muddy Boots CSA Farm Share Fund. When you sign up for a CSA, you will have a chance to make a small NON-Tax Deductible donation directly to Muddy Boots CSA.

Or, you can make a tax deductible donation to NOFA-VT and specify it go to the Muddy Boots CSA Farm Share Fund. Please make checks payable to the Northeast Organic Farming Association of Vermont (NOFA-VT) and write Muddy Boots CSA in the check memo; or visit the NOFA-VT donation web page, select “Farm Share” as the Campaign, and write Muddy Boots CSA in the Donor Note. NOFA-VT will match the donation, and grant it back to our CSA.