Reminders, Holding Your Share, What if You Forget?

Pick-Up Reminders

  • Many members set a reminder on the calendar of their smartphone along with an audible alarm for extra measure.
  • At your request, we will send out an email reminder on Wednesdays at noon.  Check your final member confirmation to see if you are scheduled to receive these reminders.  If not, you can request this service by filling out the request form.

Share Holding Service

If you will not be able to pick up your share OR even if you THINK you will not be able to pick up your share, we strongly suggest you use our CSA Holding Service.  Complete the form anytime during the week but before 5:00 pm on Wednesday.  The CSA Coordinator will pack up your share for pick-up after 6:00 pm on Wednesday or any time Thursday or Friday. Shares will not be held after Friday evening unless you specifically request it in the comments on the form. Obviously, the produce is at its peak on pick-up day, so the sooner you can pick it up, the better it will be.

If You Forget to Pick-up Your Share

We pack up a few extra shares on Wednesday night for people who have forgotten to pick up their shares.  If you forget to get your share, please do not call or email us.  Just go to the farm and take one of the shares marked EXTRA from the reach-in cooler.  We typically pack up 2 small and 1 large share each week. Please take the correct share size unless there are no more of your share size. Do not take a share with another member’s name on it. Because we only pack up a few shares each week, they are available on a first-come first-serve basis.

Community Harvest of Central Vermont

If you don’t pick up your share, it will never go to waste! Community Harvest of Central Vermont, a gleaning organization, picks up all remaining produce and redistributes it to area food shelves, senior centers, and schools.