Jun – A type of Kombucha made with Green Tea and Honey

What is Jun (pronounced “hoon”)?

Jason Chojnicki, long time Muddy Boots CSA Member, makes Jun, a kombucha-like beverage and offered it to Muddy Boots members last season.  He will be offering Jun again this season to Muddy Boots members from a self-serve, pour your own kegerator.  Bring your own 32 ounce growler and fill it up with Jun for just $10 a bottle.  There will be a small supply of bottles available for sale at $3 each.

What distinguishes Jun from Kombucha is that it is made with a different strain of bacteria that has been trained to digest honey.  This means that Jun is made with locally sourced honey instead of cane sugar.  The other distinguishing factor is that it is made with green tea while classic kombucha is made with black tea.

Jun delivers the same benefits that you get from Kombucha, but without the strong vinegar flavor that even kids like!

Jason will be at our first pick-up for a couple of hours on Wednesday offering samples for anyone who wishes to try this light refreshing beverage.

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