What to do if you are not receiving Muddy Boots Newsletters

There are several things you can do to track down the problem of not receiving our newsletters:

  1. Check with Robin and she can confirm we have your correct email address and will look into whether your emails are being returns or rejected. If your email address is correct and your emails are not coming back to us, it means that the emails are going somewhere and we need to figure out where that is.
  2. Look into your promotional folder. If you are using Gmail, here is where you will find that:

  1. Check your SPAM filter. If you use Gmail, here is where you will find it (note that you need to click on the More option to display the SPAM filter):

  1. Once you figure out what happened to the newsletter, you can change the settings in your email program to allow emails from MuddyBootsCSA.com.

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