The Two-Month Squash and Potato Toss

 justinLast week Aaron wrote about the beginning of the bulk harvest season, which has definitely taken hold on this side of the mountain as well.  We have a very large portion of our acreage in winter storage crops, so, half of our sales occur after mid-October.
That means that this time of the year is a 2 month long squash-and-potato toss, filling bin after bin after bin with roots and fruits to keep deep into winter.

The great wall of veggie bins.
I was very, very nervous about the state of our storage crops in June, but my concerns have largely abated after the beautiful July and August we have had.
Delicata squash curing…mmmmm.
Many of the storage crops are in the ground for the most of the growing season, so that can be a lot of risk exposure (namely, excessive rain and the diseases it brings)!
This week’s potatoes.
The only storage crop we plant after early June is our fall beets and carrots, which we plant in early July.  They have found this midsummer period to be to their liking, I think.
Fall beets, carrots and cover crops.
Though we spend much of our time with autumnal vegetables like winter squash, potatoes, and storage onions, we are still picking cherry tomatoes out of one of the greenhouses, and the eggplant are plugging away as well.
We hope you will all join us for the Fall share, as many of the fruits of this particular farmer’s labors are still yet to come……

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