Clean Out the Refrigerator Week – Part 2

Last week’s newsletter sparked some good conversations with a few of our members and I wanted to pass along tips they shared with me.

Corrie Miller made a “very amended” version of this classic summer squash casserole recipe from the New York Times.  There is a great little video that goes along with the recipe.

Jackie Leyton said that last year she froze just about anything that they weren’t able to eat from their CSA share.  She roasted, braised and par-boiled many different veggies and used them for soups and stews in the winter.  Carrots, celery and onions she chopped and froze without any precooking and used them as needed in the dead of the winter.

Spinach, kale, chard and beet greens can all be steamed or parboiled for a minute and then plunged into an ice bath.  Squeeze out all of the water and then wrap tightly and freeze.

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